What is Jeff’s Comedy Workshop Like?

Jeff is an outstanding, generous, gifted professional. He will make every effort to make you as good as you can be. Not only have I worked with him as a student, he’s also been a career coach for me, and I’ve watched him work with others. Jeff is tops in his profession, and his commitment to excellence is second-to-none. I recommend Jeff enthusiastically to anyone interested in making communications better though comedy. It’s hard to pick from the attributes listed above because Jeff embodies each and every one of them.

– Lori Hamilton, Actress, Writer, Producer

I wanted to congratulate you on being a very good teacher of comedy. I had move away from Atlanta for a short time and since there were very few open mics where I was I decided to take a class so I could stay sharp. After just a few weeks it was clear to me that you were on a different level than a lot of other people who claim to teach comedy. You really are one of the best teachers around. I can clearly see why your classes are always full.

– Eric Dowdy

Jeff is a most excellent teacher! Funny and also patient, he has a wonderful way of finding the humor in nearly anything. Jeff put everyone at ease during his course and strives to bring out the best in everyone. I developed new skills to enhance my messages and engaging my audiences. I’ll return again for a refresher and would recommend this course for any and all speakers and trainers working with groups – small or large.

–Millicent St. Claire


I don’t know if “career coach” is the right description of Jeff, but for me, taking The Jeff Justice’s Comedy Class was specifically geared toward becoming a more humorous and confident presenter in my professional career (not pursuing a life in stand-up comedy), and he is perfectly qualified for that – and I believe we achieved this goal. I learned exactly what I hoped to and more from Jeff’s class:

  • How to generate funny ideas
  • How to craft an effective joke
  • The importance of testing jokes and re-writing
  • …Timing!
  • Effective (and ineffective) punchlines
  • How to approach a mic with confidence and establish a presence on stage
  • What to do if you make a mistake or forget a joke
  • How to memorize your jokes
  • How to handle distractions and hecklers and finally
  • How to conjure the confidence to put yourself out there in a packed room full of people and love every minute of it!

Sure these are must-have skills for comedians, but in business, they set you apart in meeting rooms, sales presentations, and any other situation where the attention is on you – and you need to deliver. I highly recommend Jeff’s class and seminars.

–Kristin Lené Colier

Wow – what an adventure! I took Jeff’s comedy workshop to hone my presentation skills and gained so much more. In addition to improved stage presence, I strengthened my writing style, became more accustomed to receiving constructive feedback in front of a group, and learned that life is much more enjoyable when you realize perfection is not reality. Jeff stretched me outside my comfort zone and reprogrammed me to proactively look for humor in everyday situations. I encourage others to take this journey of enlightenment – driven by plenty of laughter along the way!

–Janice Jernigan

I took Jeff’s comedy workshop and had an awesome time! Jeff really knows his stuff and has a way of connecting and coaching his students so their personal creativity comes out and is highlighted. I would recommend everyone should take a stand-up, comedy class. It teaches you to laugh at yourself and find humor in all areas of your life.

–Rajesh Joytishi

Hi Jeff,
Hope all is well! Just wanted to thank you for all your great advice and training! I put it to good use recently as host of the Italian Chicks show! I do a 10-15 min opening set and then introduce all the chicks followed by 3 bawdy song parodies where the chicks sing back up for the headliner. The whole shebang is 2 hours.
Friday night was good, but on Saturday I felt like I really rocked it. We were down a chick and my producer told me to go long, be me, don’t be afraid to be loud, Italian and to relax – normally that makes you tense up, but not that night – it was really fun!
I kept thinking if I’m laughing at my stories – they’re sure to join in and if I walk around a little, I’ll be more relaxed! And I couldn’t believe how fast 15 minutes went. I thought crap, did I forget a bit – no!
What a fab feeling to wait for laughs and applause! The producer was happy on Friday but more so on Saturday! And It’s great to know I’d do it for nothing – but get paid anyway! HA!
Thanks so much!!!

–Hugs, Gianna